Organic Maca Powder - 1lb Bag

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Our organic maca powder is one of the best ways to enhance the nutritional values of the foods you eat. You can use it to add a subtle sweet taste to your favorite foods and drinks, including popcorn, cereals, and yogurts. Maca is widely used in the Peruvian kitchen to give food a unique flavor and enrich their taste.

With our organic maca powder, you can leverage the powerful health benefits of maca root. Some of them are:

- Increased libido and sex drive

- Boost of endurance and strength

- Reduction of erectile dysfunction

- Improved mood

- Increased fertility

- Protect you from sun damage

- Reduces blood pressure

- Improve memory and learning capacity

- Reduce menopause symptoms

Purchase this product now and capitalize on all of these benefits for yourself. Do not forget to add it at the end of the cooking process, not in the middle. For drinks, yogurts or other similar products, you can add it anytime.

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