Pears 100% Natural
Pears 100% Natural
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Dried Pears 100% Natural

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One of nature’s most delicate fruits, Bee Fruity and Nutty’s 100% Natural Pears have that fine taste without any added sugar. So you can rest easy knowing that the sweet taste is just as mother nature intended.

Selling Points and Health Benefits:

Pears are among the sweetest fruits, however many people are surprised to learn they are low on the glycemic index. A great source of dietary fiber, Bee Fruity and Nutty’s 100% Natural Dried Pears help to regulate your digestive system, while one particular fiber—pectin—helps to control blood sugar and cholesterol. They are also an abundant source of nutrients, such as copper, iron, and potassium.


Also rich in vitamins E, C, and B-complex vitamins like folate, dried pears are a nutritional cornucopia that promotes a healthy immune system, elastic, youthful skin, and even sharp eyes. Furthermore, the antioxidants in pears help to defend cells against free radical damage which are often associated with aging and degeneration. B-complex vitamins are necessary during pregnancy because they help fetal development and brain function, as well as the production and operation of red blood cells. With our 100% Natural Dried Pears, you get only the health benefits, without any added sugar!


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